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Watch: Ariana Grande & John Legend Debut ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Video

The world premiere of Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty and the Beast" video aired Sunday night (March 5, 2017) online. In this classic duet, they brought...
asian news reporter abc attackedvideo

ABC7 Asian News Reporter Gets Attacked Live on Camera by Jason

In a recent ABC news report, reporter CeFaan Kim, was seen attacked and provoked during his broadcast. A man wearing a Jason mask rushed...

Jay Park wins ‘Artist of the Year’ & ‘Best R&B and Soul Album’

Singer and Seattle native, Jay Park wins 'Artist of the Year' & 'Best R&B and Soul Album' at the 2017 Korean Music Awards on Feb...

KevJumba (Kevin Wu) is back from his YouTube Hiatus with his first Public Appearance

Four years after his online hiatus, KevJumba (now referred to as just Kev) has released a new Youtube Video called Internet Power. Followed by what seems to...

Meet Diane – The Cutest Little Food Critic EVER

Meet Diane, the adorable half American, half Vietnamese 5 year old from San Jose, CA. She may be the cutest food critic ever. In this...

Japanese Student Breaks Guiness Record Most Finger Snaps in One Minute

University student Satoyuki Fujimura (Japan) took to the stage to challenge the record for Most finger snaps in one minute in front of official...
The future kobe paras basketballvideo

Meet Filipino Superstar Basketball Player Kobe Paras

Who is Kobe Paras? In his native country, media call Kobe Paras a "hoops sensation" and "wunderkind," and his family is known as the "Kardashians...
Jeremy Lin vs Kobe Paras

Jeremy Lin vs Kobe Paras: Who wins in a 1 on 1?

If you had to choose one player, who would it be?   Shop now for the limited edition #24 basketball t-shirt. Order yours here:
america's got talent nick

Nick Cannon Leaves America’s Got Talent Over Black Card Joke

Comic and actor, Nick Cannon recently posted to his Facebook a shocking statement that he was done with hosting America’s Got Talent. Cannon has been...
philippines monster

What is This? Giant Hairy Creature Surfaces Philippines Beach

A gigantic hairy mysterious creature has washed up on a shore in the Philippines. Shocked locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to look at...

Nintendo Sues Japanese Go-Kart Company Over Copyright Infringement

Nintendo, the company that created the world famous Super Mario video game, filed a lawsuit recently claiming that a go-karting company stole ideas straight from their...

Crazy Legs Gives a Raw Hip-Hop Lesson on Sway in the Morning

Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew), one of the pioneers of bboying, dropped by Sways studio and shared some knowledge of break dancing. This is a...
emazing lights brian lim shark tankvideo

Asian Entrepreneur Lands Shark Tank Deal With Rave Gloves

Some time in 2015, Brian Lim walked off the stage of the Shark Tank tv set with a deal from two of the Sharks. Lim is...
audi japan rice cooker

Got Rice? Audi Japan Releases Special Edition A8 ft. Built-In Rice Cooker

Remember the days of the 'rice rockets'? Honda Civics and Acura Integras were flooding the streets with their super modified engines, especially after the...
disneyland pho asian

What the Pho?! California’s Disneyland Serves Asian Food and Milk Tea

With the growing Asian population in California, the world famous Disneyland theme park has added some special new dishes to the menu at one...

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