Trailer for Netflix’s Death Note Adaptation

Death Note, based on the famous Japanese Manga, is being adapted as a Netflix series and will be released on August 25th. THe adaptation will...

Riverdale Recasts another Asian Actor as Reggie

Ross Butler's commitments to Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why' lead to his departure from CW's 'Riverdale.' In his place, Filipino actor Charles Manton has been recast...

ABC cancels ‘Dr. Ken’ after 2 Seasons

ABC has decided to cancel Dr. Ken after 2 seasons. Ken Jeong still remains humble  on Twitter after the cancellation was announced: Thank you @ABCNetwork and @Sony...

Joseph Vincent- ‘Memory’

Memory is from Joseph Vincent's Here's 2 You EP

Psy- ‘I Luv it’

Psy is back with another catchy single with 'I Luv It.'

’13 Reasons Why’ Gets Renewed for a Second Season

13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series executive produced by Selena Gomez, will return with a second season on Netflix in 2018. The series-- deemed...

Watch: North Cack- G Yamazawa

NORTH CACK (feat. Joshua Gunn & Kane Smego) from G Yamazawa's debut album Shouts to Durham.

Watch: For Now- Verse

This is the Music Video for "For Now" from Verse's EP Handwritten

Watch: 어때 Eottae – CoCo Avenue

CoCo Avenue is a LA-based duo comprised of Jenna and Jenny. Their first single "Eottae," is produced by Alex Jin Kang, featuring both English...

The Internet Roasts United Airlines with Hilarious Memes and Videos

The internet is going crazy with viral memes and videos after the recent incident of a Vietnamese doctor being dragged out from his seat...